Part 4: 5 Tips on Selling your Home this Winter

Part 4: 5 Tips on Selling your Home this Winter
Jonathon Beasle…:
What’s up guys, I am here with tip number four on how to sell your home in the fall and winter months. Tip number four is staging. You need to bring someone in that has a really good eye for interior design, right? We talked about the fact that buyers are going to spend a lot more time inside your home than they will outside because it’s cold, rainy and yucky outside, right? So as they walk around you want to make sure that the things that you have hanging on the wall are really neat and well organized, colorful, and decorative, and that your furniture is positioned in such a way that the home feels super organized and well-designed so that they are dying to hang out and stare at how cool this house is.

The longer of an impression or the longer they are in your house the more of an impression you’re going to make on them. So this doesn’t have to be super expensive. It doesn’t have to be crazy. You can hire somebody for 40 to 50 bucks for a half an hour of their time to come consult you on the design of the inside of your home and it could make a huge difference in the offer that you get. Homes that are staged on average, sell for 5% more than homes that are not staged. So happy selling. Good luck.
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