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Military Investing Hub Course Content

Intro to MIH

Module One: House Hacking

House Hacking Overview

  1. Introduction to House Hacking
  2. 7 Types of House Hacking
  3. Screening Tenants
  4. Five More Methods for House Hacking
  5. Where House Hacking Can Lead
  6. Why Now Is A Great Time To House Hack

Module Two: Investing Advice

Investing Advice Overview

  1. Investing for Beginners
  2. Five Simple Steps to Investing
  3. Golden Rules to Investing
  4. Mistakes to Avoid When Investing
  5. Tips For Newbie Investors

Module Three: Investing Strategies

Investing Strategies Overview

  1. Flipping Houses
  2. Short Term Rentals
  3.  Apartment Investing
  4. Short Term VS Long Term
  5. Investing in College Towns

Module Four: Mindset and Tactics

Mindset and Tactics Lessons Overview

  1. Top Four Books for Investing
  2. Freedom in Real Estate
  3. How the Banks Are Lying to You

Module Five: Process of Buying a Home

Process of Buying A Home Overview

  1. First Time Home Buyer
  2. What to Avoid When Buying
  3. Realities of Buying A Home
  4. What to Expect During Home Inspections
  5. What to Expect During Your Appraisal
  6. Last Step in Buying A Home