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🌊Top 5 Waterfront Communities in Hampton Roads🌊

🌊Top 5 Waterfront Communities in Hampton Roads🌊 | RESORT STYLE NEIGHBORHOODS IN HAMPTON ROADS

Are you looking for a destination vacation home or looking to move on the water here in Hampton Roads area? Well, today I’ve got a list of five neighborhoods here in Hampton Roads with a wide range of price ranges and lifestyle living on the water. And you guys, Hampton Roads used to be called Tidewater for a reason. Hampton Roads is literally surrounded by the ocean bays, rivers, streams, lakes, you name it. If it’s water, we got it. So it’s actually there’s so much waterfront property here, but there are some really cool waterfront communities and that’s what we’re talking about. And if you would like us to do another one of these videos, leave us a comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe like so you can hear and watch all of our videos because we want to put things out about all things real estate and information about Hampton Roads.

Buckroe Beach Hampton, VA

So let’s get back into it. So our first community is going to be Buckroe Beach. Located in Hampton, Virginia. It’s one of the first settled places here in Virginia making it rich in history. This neighborhood is located in the northern side of Hampton, where you have quick access to the Hampton Roads Bridge tunnel, which can get you straight to Norfolk. So it’s kind of a cool location. And then of course, you can hop the other way and get to Portsmouth, Suffolk. The perk of this neighborhood is that it’s away from Virginia Beach tourist spots, so you can have a nice, calm place to live near a beach. That could be a great spot for you. Believe it or not, this beach actually used to be an amusement park.

It’s kind of cool, right? But when Busch Gardens opened in Williamsburg in the 1980s, the amusement park kind of shut down because there really wasn’t like there weren’t people going there anymore. So it’s a relic of today. Now, with the absence of the amusement park, it obviously left a lot of open space in this area. So they have like a pavilion for concerts and parades and events, farmer’s markets, festivals and things like that. So you are absolutely guaranteed to have some really cool events happening right there in your backyard if you end up looking and living in Buckroe Beach. Now I’ll also say this Buckroe Beach is on the bay. So it’s not like the ocean, ocean, it’s more like the bayfront. But every once in a while, you can get pretty good waves there, like when a hurricane comes. But you’re not going to be doing any surfing there. But you could certainly do everything else you would want to do on the beach. So that’s all about the area right there.

But let’s talk real estate for this specific area of Buckroe Beach. Now, if you don’t stay right on the water, you can get a home off the shore, probably in the upper 200,000, which is pretty awesome if you’re like within walking distance to the beach. But some of those homes can be pretty up there in price. It just depends on which home and which block you’re looking at there because some of those houses on the actual shore could be in the million dollar range. So that’s Buckroe Beach, you guys and I highly recommend. It’s a really cool full of history area.

Founder’s Pointe Carrollton, VA

Now for our next neighborhood as Founders Pointe, that’s in my backyard, Carrollton, Virginia, of Isle of Wight. We actually made a whole video about this neighborhood. So be sure to go watch that and it’ll give you more granular details about that. Foudners Pointe is an Isle of Wight community or the Carrollton area of Isle of Wight, and it was established in the early 2000. So you actually have a lot of newer homes there. And I will say this, they’re still building there. Now, the building requirements are super high in this community. So it’s absolutely beautiful and a stunning place to drive through and live. The prices in this neighborhood start around the high four hundreds and go all the way up to like above $1,000,000 price point. Most of those homes are going to be on the river. This neighborhood was intentionally built with wildlife preserves in mind.

So you walk through or you drive through the neighborhood and there’s pockets of trees and nature trails throughout the community. A beautiful community, dock, that takes you out to the river so you can be sure that driving through this brand new community is brand new, is you’re going to have a lot of nature throughout, which is kind of unusual for a newer community, most newer communities. They just wipe out all the trees and then they plant a bunch of little teeny tiny ones along the road. And it takes decades for the neighborhood to have that mature tree feel. Well, that’s not the case here in Founders Pointe. This neighborhood also has a really cool community feel where you’ll see people walking their dog or like running around with their kids or their kids on the bikes. It’s just a very family friendly community. There’s a really cool clubhouse with a playground and slides that go into the pool and actually it’s a really great spot to meet your neighbors because the neighbors are super, super awesome there. Actually have a lot of friends that live in the neighborhood. Hi, guys, love ya. Now let’s talk commute for this community. It’s kind of awesome spot here because it’s right off of Route 17. You’re like an eight minute drive to the James River Bridge, which takes you to Newport News and Hampton, and then roughly about a 15 minute drive the other way down Route 17 to get to Northeast Suffolk.

You can also get to the monitor Merrimack or 664 interchange there, and that’s about a 15 to 18 minute drive from the community, actually, a really, really awesome spot. Most people think Isle of Wight is way out in the country, but this is actually like right in the heart of Hampton Roads, which is super, super convenient to get to a bunch of spots. So keep that in mind. So that’s Founders Point Community in Carrollton, Virginia of Isle of Wight.

Riverfront Suffolk, VA

Let’s talk about Riverfront. We were just talking about the northeast area of Suffolk, and this is one of the biggest communities in the area, riverfront at Harbor View in northeast Suffolk, Virginia. Two, three, four, three, five. You guys, this is actually one of my favorite communities in Hampton Roads, so I’m kind of going to go on a little bit. I got to live there for a couple of years. It is absolutely a wonderful place to live actually on an award winning golf course. So if you like to golf, it’s actually one of my favorite places to golf here in the area.

I’m not a great golfer, but I do love to golf. So we’ll just say that. Now unlike the other two neighborhoods we just mentioned Buckroe and Founder’s Pointe, this community is surrounded by a shopping hub. Restaurants, movie theater, hospitals, Starbucks, of course, some breweries, local restaurants, even. And there’s a ton of biking trails, walking trails, all of those restaurants and shopping. I mean, you’ve got Walmart and PetSmart and Kohl’s and T.J., Max, there’s so much going on right here within a very, very small radius that you probably wouldn’t even have to leave the area to do anything you would want to do. In this community, you can find a wide range of homes detached, single family, ginormous mega homes on the water to condos or townhomes. They actually have a 55 and up area of the community as well. So this community right here really was planned out very, very well. It’s given the name Riverfront because it’s literally on the Nansemond River. It’s absolutely stunning views and just really great people that live here. So if you’re looking for like a resort style community feel where you have everything from golf to walking trails to tennis courts, volleyball courts, two community pools, a ton of community events, and then restaurants within like a stone’s throw.

This would be the spot for you because we have price ranges here that start in the four hundreds. So they go all the way up to multimillion dollar properties. But you can get in this community in the low four hundreds, you guys. And that’s kind of a rare thing for such a big established luxury community here in Hampton Roads.

East Beach Norfolk, VA

That’s leads us to our to our fourth community, East Beach, located in Norfolk, right on the Chesapeake Bay. This neighborhood is not what you would think or expect from your typical Norfolk neighborhood. Now, East Beach is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods here in Hampton Roads. I absolutely loved it. I’ve sold many homes in there. And if I’m going to go to like Chick’s Beach or the Norfolk side, the beach, I always end up visiting this community. The most adorable beachy community you can find in Norfolk, Virginia. It’s super, super cool. So if you’re looking for a really tight knit community, the yards aren’t very big. So you have like a lot of houses or condos or townhomes are very close to each other, but it’s designed very, very well. There’s a lot of green spaces and then of course you’re within walking distance to the Chesapeake Bay beaches, which are absolutely beautiful now with a median sales price of these detached homes being in the low eight hundreds.

I said that in the low eight hundreds, but you can also get a townhome or a condo in this community. And the three hundreds. And so keep that in mind. You might be spending like super, super high dollar to get those detached houses with not a very big yard can also be in there with a condo or a townhouse in the three hundreds and up and be very, very comfortable. So the neighborhood is fairly new. It’s still there’s still some building going on in there. Not a lot of building left and one of the things that makes the neighborhood so great is it was planned out very well. The architectures and the landscaping are absolutely beautiful throughout the community. And speaking of community, they are actually some of the best in the area when it comes to planning events and frankly just being like the friendliest people.

You’ll walk around and meet, getting to know your neighbors. It’s going to be really, really easy to do if you want to be involved in your community and get to know people that live right around you. This would absolutely be a good spot for you, especially if you’re a beach kind of gal or guy. They put on events they posted on Facebook. There’s so much to do here from wine nights to like little dog parades, farmer’s markets, like you name it, they they do it. It’s like so awesome here. There’s a clubhouse, of course, there’s a pool, there’s tennis courts, there’s you can rent out kayaks, even to take to the beach. It’s really, really awesome spot. And it’s Norfolk, you guys.

So you do have shopping nearby. You’ve got some great restaurants. There’s amazing local restaurants right there along the beach as well. So you’ll be sure to like really, really enjoy your lifestyle. Living right there in East Beach.

Sandbridge Virginia Beach, VA

Last on the list, but certainly not least you guys is Sandbridge the sleeper, right. So Sandbridge in Virginia Beach, it’s on the southern end of Virginia Beach on the oceanfront, so we’re talking about an oceanfront community. Now, it’s pretty far from the main tourist area, actually, kind of like a 20 in traffic, maybe a 30 minute drive to the northern end of Virginia Beach. But the spot is known for more of a vacation home feel. So if you’re looking for a vacation home here in Hampton Roads and you don’t want to be on the boardwalk right there in like the crazy tourist area of Virginia Beach, I highly recommend Sandbridge and maybe even that Ocean View East Beach area of Norfolk.

Sandbridge has been dubbed kind of the baby outer banks of Virginia. So if you’ve ever been to the Outer Banks OBX, then you’re going to get that same kind of small town super chill, relax, feel right there in Sandbridge. But it’s a much smaller area with rows of homes lining the beach and rows of homes going inland. The houses are pretty pricey up here because you’re pretty much within like view of the ocean front. Almost any point in time, you can get homes inland in Sandbridge that are around 3 to 4000 square feet and those houses are going to be priced way above 500,000. But if you’re on the water or really close to the oceanfront, you’re going to be in that 1,2,3,$4 million price point.

So know you’re going to spend some money and Sandbridge to be there. But it’s a really cool sleepy town that is not a tourist attraction of Virginia Beach. And in Sandbridge you’re actually like you might be 20 to 30 minutes away from the northern end or from Virginia Beach. You’re not very far from a really cool shopping hub with a ton of restaurants. So don’t worry, you’re not going have to drive 20 or 30 minutes to go to a restaurant. You’re going to have to drive maybe 10 minutes to get to where you would shop and where you would find some really awesome local restaurants. But you also are really, really close to the wildlife reserve, which is a little bit south of Sandbridge.

So you can go fishing and hiking and go on the beautiful trails. It really is like a small town vacation spot, but it’s not going to be a super high touristy spot and I think you would really, really like it. So if you actually like are looking for a vacation home, I highly recommend you checking out Sandbridge.


That’s five waterfront communities here in Hampton Roads that I think that you should know about and you could love and enjoy it just like we do. So if you’ve liked our list, let us know. Maybe we will make another one. We are local real estate agents here in Hampton Roads, and we want to be here to help you with your buying, selling, building, investing goals here in Hampton Roads.

When it comes to real estate, I’m Rachel Beasley. Please comment below. Give us a call. Reach out. We would love to be here for you and serve you with all your real estate needs. We are professionals in real estate and passionate about people. That’s you. We’ll see you next time, guys. Bye.

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