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Downtown Smithfield Virginia Tour

Tour of Downtown Smithfield VA | HOMES FOR SALE IN SMITHFIELD

Hi, Rachel Beasley here with That Fit Team, I am sitting here in Cure coffee shop. It is an adorable little coffee shop right here on Main Street in Smithfield, Virginia. So I want to talk today about downtown Smithfield. This place is so charming and so rich with history, but the most adorable shops and adorable little restaurants and taverns that you’ll see. It’s kind of like taking a step back in time. Downtown Smithfield was established in like 1750s guys. 1750s. So some beautiful, rich history to see here and you walking down the streets, you’ll see everything from modern banks to lawyers offices, doctor’s offices to adorable coffee shops like this one with really good coffee guys. Nice job.

Restaurants in Smithfield VA

There’s Wharf Hill Brewery right down the street within walking distance to where I’m at right now. Everything is pretty much in walking distance. You guys here, you park and you walk around the shops. There’s a walking tour of downtown Smithfield. There’s actually a winery close by. There’s really good ice cream parlor antique shops. Pretty much you could spend an entire day here having a great time with the family or maybe with your loved ones. So you’ve got to check this place out if you want a little bit of fun and history and some really, really good food actually talked to a couple of locals and some of the things that they love about this place is the quiet town. Small town feel that it has, but it’s a growing area. You do see some new shops and some new restaurants coming around here, so it’s definitely a place to check out if you want to take a drive to Smithfield and spend the day out here. A few things to know about Smithfield. Obviously, Smithfield Ham Factory is actually right down the street from the downtown Smithfield area. There’s Smithfield Station, which is a beautiful restaurant on the water, has some really cute shops next door to.

Things to do in Smithfield VA

There’s a lot of waterfront property here in Smithfield, so if you’re looking to buy and own waterfront, this is a great spot to live. But if you’re just looking for a great time and you want some restaurants or shops, some antique shopping, there’s actually a really amazing Christmas shop here. You can visit it all year round and it’s everything Christmas you could possibly think of in one place. So you definitely have to check that place out, at least the ladies, I know you’re going to want to see that one.

Be sure on the weekends to check out the farmer’s market here, especially in the spring and summer months. There’s a lot of different festivals and farmer’s markets that they do here. Smithfield is one of those like small towns, definitely small town areas that there’s a lot of things to do here every single weekend. Just keep an eye out for the different festivals that they do here on the monthly and weekly basis, so be sure to check out Smithfield. Don’t sleep on it. It’s a really, really awesome place to visit or live. So the downtown Smithfield area is right here off of the Pagan River, which goes out to the James River. So if you are wanting to boat, you can dock your boat up here. Visit one of the restaurants and get back out to some really big water where you can fish.

Another thing that you might want to know about Smithfield. Let’s say you’re traveling to the area. There’s a lot of bed and breakfasts here, like old school, actual bed and breakfast, which are pretty cool. There’s a Smithfield Inn where you can stay and and eat at their taverns, so there’s really so much to do here that you really wouldn’t think of. You could stay, play, do all weekend long. So certainly check this place out. It’s really adorable. And if you want to live here, it’s an awesome place to live to. So Smithfield, Virginia is located in Isle of Wight County, and it’s about a ten mile radius of our Isle of Wight County, which is Smithfield.

How is the Commute in Smithfield VA

You can have about a population of about 10,000 people here. So when I say it’s a small town, you get that small town feel you really, really do get that here. Now let’s talk about proximity. Where is Smithfield? How do you get there? The best place to get to Smithfield would be going up Route 17. So either way, you’re coming from the James River Bridge or maybe Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, area you are going to find Route 17 and you can get to Smithfield from there. So Smithfield is probably about a 30-35 minute drive to downtown Norfolk, maybe 45 minutes to some areas of Virginia Beach. And then you’ve got 25 minute drive, probably to the peninsula, which would be considered Hampton Newport News York County area. So if you’re looking for a little bit of land, maybe stretched out a little bit as your houses aren’t right on top of each other. Good home prices with a little bit of a commute. 25 minutes to 45 minutes, Smithfield might just be the spot for you to visit and consider.

As your next home location. Hope you guys enjoyed this video if you want more information about Smithfield. Or if you want to live in Smithfield, please give us a call or if you live in Smithfield and you want to sell your home.

Please let us know we would love to help you get top dollar for your home. Rachel Beasley here with that fit team telling you all things about Hampton Roads Real Estate and the surrounding areas, we are professionals in real estate and passionate about people. Give us a call. We’d love to help. Bye!

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