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Olde Towne Portsmouth Virginia Tour

Olde Towne Portsmouth, VA Tour | HOMES FOR SALE IN PORTSMOUTH

I’m in Olde Towne, Portsmouth, Virginia, and it’s actually one of my favorite places, so I figured I would come here in person and enjoy it a little bit while I tell you about Olde Towne, so let’s get into it. All right, guys, so a few things you should know about Old Towne, Portsmouth right here surrounded by the water on the Elizabeth River. So it’s absolutely beautiful water views and stunning. So you’re right here on the water. It is a port, so you’ve got a lot of shipbuilding around you. And a lot of these houses have some beautiful waterfront. You’ve got a ton of waterfront real estate, so you have hotels and you have restaurants with water views.

So it’s awesome area to visit. Actually, you can see you’ve got a boardwalk right here. People bike and walk and jog all along the boardwalk here. The city of Portsmouth actually did the seaboard up really, really well, so it’s nice to see if it’s lit up really well and a ton of people frequent here all of the time. I’ve got the Portsmouth Naval Hospital right behind me here. You could see it. So you have a lot of military that live in the area or commute here to the area. You’ve got a ton of restaurants and I’ll tell you some of my favorites here.

Real Estate in Olde Towne

But real estate, so it’s actually historical. Portsmouth, Virginia Some of the oldest homes that you’ll find here in Hampton Roads will be right here. So you have homes that have been built in the late 1600s early, 1700s through the 1800s and actually very, very few. But some new construction homes trickled here and there, probably from houses that were torn down and then rebuilt a new home and its place. A lot of the places here, you do have some big buildings, kind of like apartment style buildings, but they’re actually considered a condo or even a co-op.

There’s a few co-ops down here in the area, which means that you own rights of the building itself and you pay a fee kind of like a condo fee, but you actually own rights to the building and the entire property, plus the unit that you live in. There are some condos down here as well. There are some apartments here. There’s lots of townhouses, but then there’s a lot, a lot, a lot of single family homes here that range in price from like 200,000 to all the way up to that million dollar mark because some of them are like six and 7000 square feet.

I didn’t say that wrong six and 7000 square feet. Yes, some of these historical homes are huge. Many of them are actual dual use. So you have a building that has a restaurant on the first floor and then apartments or condos on the second and third floor. So it’s kind of a fun lifestyle down here. If you’re looking for like kind of a city feel, this would definitely be a place to come and visit and see if it’s the right fit for you. You have a lot of families that live here, a lot of single people that live here, basically everyone.

Lifestyle in Olde Towne

It’s a great spot for anyone to come and live. Here you’ll find tons of wonderful, friendly people that really enjoy living around each other. Lots of dog people. There’s lots of dog parks throughout. We’ll show you around a little bit we’ll some dog parks. We’ll show you some playgrounds. We’ll show you some of the restaurants in the area.

So you know, a lot of people live here. They’ll actually work right down the street. You have banks down here, you have a lot of corporate offices. The Coast Guard offices and the FBI offices are here as well. Also, you’ve got the courthouse and everything, not that far away also. But if you want to have a place to live where you can walk to your favorite restaurant or to your favorite coffee shop, this would definitely be a place for you to check out.

If you’re used to like a high energy lifestyle and you want to walk or bike to the places that you would frequent, like an antique shop for your furniture and decor, or the kitchen coop for like some kitchen knickknacks and really fun things. Or if you’re just looking to go get your favorite cup of coffee and scone or muffin from the coffee, shop down the street and go to your favorite restaurant for lunch or dinner. This would be the spot you can walk bike.

Places to Eat in Olde Towne

So you have to check them out. I’ll name a few of them. So you have still to tapist restaurant. Really high end food, absolutely wonderful drinks as well. It’s in the basement of an old hospital, actually, that was here the like 16 and 1700s. But the restaurant itself is absolutely amazing food. You will love it. And then you’ve got Legends Brewery, which is right on the water. They’ve got smoked wings. They’ve got nachos, they have burgers. They have some amazing seafood as well.

And then of course, they’ve got their brews. So you have to check them out. The beer garden is certainly a downtown Portsmouth staple. If you haven’t been to the beer garden, you’ve got to check it out, they have like 100 beers on tap beer garden guys, and it’s authentic German food, so it’s one of Me and Jonathan’s favorite, actually, it’s Williams favorite place to go if we’re going to give him, give him the spot to go right across the street from the Commodore, which is an old movie theater that was restored to like kind of an old style 1940s feel. It’s actually sit down restaurant so you can sit down at a table, get served some really good food while you’re watching a huge screen movie theater experience with. It’s actually a THX certified movie theater, so you know you’re going to get great quality sound, great quality visuals, and you get this really cool atmosphere as well.

So you have to check out the Commodore gosh and I only named a few you guys you’ve got Gosport Tavern, Guads is literally one of our favorite restaurants to go to is right here and downtown Portsmouth. And that’s a few restaurants that you have to check out. There’s a few wineries and there are some more breweries down here. You’ve got everything that you would look for some really good pizza places as well. And then coffee bean, awesome coffee, really great sandwiches. They make their danishes and they make their muffins in-house.

So have to check out Old Town Portsmouth. It’s absolutely a fun place to be. If you have any questions about Portsmouth, please let us know, know that we love it here and we hope to give you an opportunity to learn a little bit more about it. Just give us a call and we’ll help. And if there’s another spot in the area of Hampton Roads, Virginia that you specifically want to know about, let us know reach out to us and we will highlight that area for you.

So Rachel Beasley here I will see you next time. We are That Fit Team professionals of real estate and passionate about people. See later.

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