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Top 3 Resort Neighborhoods in Virginia Beach

Are you looking for a house in Virginia Beach and want to know like a resort style Virginia Beach neighborhood? Well, this is the right video for you. I’ve got three neighborhoods that you’ve got to know about. Now, let’s get into it. Hey, Rachel Beasley here with That Fit Team. Now, today, I want … Continued

Hampton Roads Real Estate Market Update [June 2022]

What’s happening in real estate in 2022 here in Hampton Roads I’m Rachel Beasley with That Fit Team and I’m about to tell you. According to the S&P CoreLogic home price index home prices have increased 34% since the start of the pandemic. Home prices have increased 19.9% in the last 12 months. That is … Continued

Real Estate Market Update June 2022

So over the last couple of years, despite the pandemic, despite the mortgage forbearance, the eviction moratorium, inflation, war, supply chain interruptions and name your poison, I have still been really bullish on real estate as an investment asset class. And I’ve always sort of suggested that if you’re waiting for a crash, these are … Continued

Top 8 Mistakes YOU Could Make When Investing

What’s up, everybody? So I’ve been in the real estate game over a decade now, which is crazy because time freaking flies and the last six years I’ve been an active investor. But I still vividly remember my first couple of years out as an investor. And in hindsight, let me share a not so … Continued