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Top 3 Resort Neighborhoods in Virginia Beach

Top 3 Resort Neighborhoods in Virginia Beach | PLUS BONUS NEIGHBORHOOD

Are you looking for a house in Virginia Beach and want to know like a resort style Virginia Beach neighborhood? Well, this is the right video for you. I’ve got three neighborhoods that you’ve got to know about. Now, let’s get into it. Hey, Rachel Beasley here with That Fit Team. Now, today, I want to talk to you about three neighborhoods that I love in Virginia Beach. And make sure you make it all the way to the end, because I’ve got a bonus beach neighborhood that you’ve got to know about as well. Now, the first neighborhood I want to tell you about is Asheville Park in Virginia Beach. This neighborhood is located in the Sandridge area, close to Princess Anne and Nimmo Parkway. So you’re actually about a ten minute drive to Sam Bridge Beach there and then the other way.

Asheville Park Neighborhood

You’re about a 15 minute drive to the actual Virginia Beach oceanfront. You’ve got a ton a ton of shopping shops, restaurants right there in that beautiful hub that you’d be sure to like. Love living there. Everything you need is right there. And then the beach is really close by. So let’s talk about this neighborhood, you guys. There’s only one active listing in this neighborhood right now. What? So it’s a hot commodity and only 31 homes sold in the last 12 months, price ranging between about 575, up to 1.3 million. Yeah, that’s right. This community was established in about 2012 with homes ranging in size of about 2400 square feet, well over 5000 square feet. That’s that 1.3 million price range there. The monthly play here is a $276.

Let me tell you what I love about this community. It’s amazing. It’s basically like a resort style community within 10 to 15 minute drive to the beach. So what’s not to love? Those price points, you don’t have beachfront price points, but you’ve got a beautiful resort style community with a monthly fee of about $276. Now, that’s kind of high for a community, but let me tell you what that include. You’ve got a clubhouse fitness facility, fishing ponds throughout the community, ground maintenance, playgrounds, cable, phone and Internet service, and a beautiful Olympic sized pool. So what’s not to love about that? Now, your schools here are going to be Kellam High School Princess Anne middle and Princess Anne elementary. So that’s a quick snapshot. You’ve got to check out this neighborhood and let us know if you want to move there.

Cavalier Residence Neighborhood

Now, neighborhood number two, the Cavalier residence at north end of Virginia Beach. This is a gated community surrounding the Historical Cavalier Hotel at the north end of the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. That’s a mouthful. But in other words, this is a beachfront community right there by the historical hotel. It’s actually been renovated recently. It’s actually beautiful. So you have restaurants, shops, everything that you would need within walking distance, biking, distance, riding, distance is all right there and beautiful oceanfront beach views. Now, this is a newer community with only three active listings and they’re all new construction and different stages of construction. But overall, only six homes sold here in the last 12 months. It’s not a very big community. Now, the pricing, the availability here is a factor, but also the fact that it’s a smaller gated beach community. The prices are going to be really, really high for most people.

The prices start here in the mid nine hundreds, which is about 1420 square feet, all the way up to $4.8 million for a house of about 7600 square feet. You guys. Wow. Homes here are going to have brick and mostly hardy plank siding. It’s exactly what you’re looking for in like a beach style community. Tons of porches, lots of outdoor spaces overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Now, our monthly fee here is $525 a month. That’s pretty steep. But let me tell you what everything is to offer for that dollar amount. You’re in a gated beach community, pretty much the only gated beach community right there on the ocean front. So you’re guaranteed parking and a lot of other things. You have a membership to the beach club where they have like a club room, locker rooms, beach chairs available for you, a beach clubhouse pool, a gym, a shuttle service, even to the local restaurants and golf cart shuttle service and ground maintenance.

So there’s a lot to offer there for that amount of money. And I think if this is your jam, you would absolutely love this community. Now let’s talk schools. Schools here is Cox High School, Virginia Beach Middle, and Lincoln Park Elementary School. Awesome community. You got to check it out.

Lago Mar Virginia Beach Neighborhood

Neighborhood number three for Virginia Beach, now. Surprise. This really isn’t a resort style community. There’s actually no HOA here. But I got to tell you about this place. Lago Mar This neighborhood is between Sand Bridge and the dam neck area of Virginia Beach. It’s one of the rare Virginia Beach communities with high end homes with no HOA fee. That’s right. Currently, there are seven active listings on the market here.

There were 52 homes sold in the last 12 months, ranging from $367,000 to get this $990,000. So almost up to a million. That community was actually established in the early 1960s. So those older homes are more ranch style homes and they’re on the smaller side, around 1600 to 2000 square feet. And those are the ones selling close to that $400,000 mark.

Now, you move in to the newer side of the community and you have some larger homes ranging between 2400 square feet and well over 5000 square feet. These homes have a big variety of traditional style to Mediterranean style. It’s kind of fun community. Selling between 480 to that million dollar mark. Some of the houses here on the lake are on a canal and have these beautiful water views. Now, schools here, we’ve got Kellam High School, Princess Anne Middle School and Red Mill Elementary. You got to check out this community.

East Beach Neighborhood

All right. And here’s my bonus beach community. It’s actually not in Virginia Beach, rather, is in the north end of Norfolk, right on the Chesapeake Bay, close to Little Creek Naval Base. So this is East Beach neighborhood. Talked about this neighborhood before. I love it so much. It was established in 2005. And right now there’s still a few new construction homes left. This is a beach resort style community with mostly craftsman style homes. I mean, you guys, this community so adorable. You’ve got 700 square foot beach bungalows, to townhouses to like quad plexus to your traditional and huge beachy craftsman style houses. You’re ranging from like that 680 square foot to 7600 square feet. New construction homes. But most of the houses in this community in that 2000 to 3000 square foot range, there are only six active listings available here. That’s right. And then the last 12 months, 59 homes sold price ranges between $315000 to $1.2 million. You’ve got restaurants, breweries close by, beautiful sandy beaches on the bay and a really beautiful marina.

The community amenities are $135 to $155 a month, depending on where you are in the community. Those fees include a clubhouse, a fitness facility, pools, playgrounds, tennis courts, ground maintenance throughout the community, lots of common walking areas and dog parks and wonderful community event committee. That’s right. They’re always putting on really, really cool events just for the community people right there. And they have a ton of fun. Wine nights and farmers markets. You absolutely love living here. And our schools are Lake Taylor High School, Azalea Garden, Middle and Little Creek Elementary. So you got to check out this Norfolk East Beach neighborhood. You are bound to love it if you love the beach. So that’s it, guys. That’s what I have for some beach neighborhoods that you’ve got to check out.

If you’re moving here or even if you live here and you’re looking for a new spot. Rachel Beasley With That Fit Team, we are professionals in real estate and passionate about people. Can’t wait to help you buy or sell your next home. Talk to you soon.

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